About Our Firm

The Litigation & Recovery Law Center has been serving South Florida for the past five years as a specialty firm dealing almost exclusively in representing residential and commercial property owners and assignees of third-party benefits in first party insurance litigation matters. Our approach is comprehensive and uncompromising. Our experience is vast, with a team of legal professionals currently comprised of eight litigation attorneys and eight professional litigation-support staff.  With our single-minded focus on first party plaintiff’s litigation, our firm is able to achieve maximum results possible for our clientele. The insurance industry has come to know and respects us.

Practice Areas

The Litigation & Recovery Law Center has experience litigating a variety of first party insurance related claims, including homeowner claims, claims for assignments of benefits, commercial claims, homeowners association claims, bad faith claims, and more! See below for a full list of practice areas.

  • Homeowners’ Insurance Claims
  • Assignment of Benefits Claims
  • Homeowners Association Claims
  • Commercial/Business Claims
  • Bad Faith Claims
  • Forced Place Insurance Claims